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Homecare Testimonials

benevolent heart client testimonials"Very pleased with the politeness of the owner and manager of the agency and overall service provided." - Jean M, Camphill, Pa

"We were very satisfied with the services that Benevolent Heart provided us. Now, we can be assured that our Mom is in safe hands."- Heather D., York, Pa

"My caregiver is dependable, always willing to give a helping hand, and above all, trustworthy. I am overly thankful and 100% satisfied."— Laura P., Lemoyne, Pa

" I feel very lucky to have chosen a wonderful company like Benevolent Heart. My Companion is very caring and understanding. She always attends to my needs and is very patient with me."- Louis N., Hershey, Pa

"Benevolent Heart Assisted Living Agency provides very efficient and hard workers. How lucky I am to have someone to take care of my needs. They are well-trained, attentive, willing, and understanding." Frank S., Palmyra, Pa

"I am happy and contented with the work Benevolent Heart provides. My Companion is very helpful, affectionate and thoughtful and I intend to keep her for a long time."- Rita L., Hummelstown, Pa

"Benevolent Heart is one of those agencies that provide great service to consumers."- Fred W., Harrisburg, Pa


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